Instructor and Student Resources

Instructor Resources

Modern Real Estate Practice, 19th Edition, is a complete teaching system. It comes with a full set of Instructor Resources and teaching aids that can be seamlessly incorporated into your instruction and curriculum.

Our comprehensive Instructor Resources encompass:

  • Timed course outlines, lecture outlines, and learning objectives
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Reading assignments, quizzes, and exams with answer rationales
  • Case Studies, discussion questions, class activity suggestions, lesson assignments, and more

Access Instructor Resources


If you are an instructor, contact your Account Manager at to receive your Instructor Access Code.

Student Resources

Students receive additional resources, including lecture outlines and unit learning objectives. They also receive access to our new Modern Real Estate Practice QBank. This versatile question bank gives students the power to simulate nearly every test environment imaginable, from full-length licensing exams to individual topic mini-exams.

Access Student Resources


The Student Access Code can be found in the Preface and on page ix in your Modern Real Estate Practice, 19th Edition, textbook.