Study Guide for Modern Real Estate Practice, 19th Edition

This student guide parallels key concepts covered in Modern Real Estate Practice, Mastering Real Estate Principles, and Real Estate Fundamentals and highlights the main points and issues for students. With hundreds of questions and answers, this study guide reinforces important concepts and provides an alternative source for review while students work with the textbook. This guide also makes an ideal supplement to Practice & Law, Real Estate Basics, and other prelicensing texts.


  • More than 200 questions and answers with rationales updated to reflect current real estate laws
  • Contains matching, true-false, multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, and math question formats
  • Illustrated activities for real-world practice


Introduction to the Real Estate Business
Real Property and the Law
Fair Housing
Interests in Real Estate
Forms of Real Estate Ownership
Land Description
Transfer of Title
Title Records
Real Estate Brokerage
Real Estate Agency
Client Representation Agreements
Real Estate Contracts
Real Estate Taxes and Other Liens
Real Estate Financing
Government Involvement in Real Estate Financing
Real Estate Appraisal
Closing the Real Estate Transaction
Property Management
Land-Use Controls and Property Development
Environmental Issues and the Real Estate Transaction
Investing in Real Estate
Appendix: Directory of State
Math FAQs
Sample Examinations
Answer Key